Smart Hula Hoop

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According to a 2010 study by the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, hula hooping can burn about 7 calories a minute. That means in just 10 minutes you already would have burned about 70 calories, all the while having a fun workout.  The study also shows that with hula hooping you can achieve 151 heart beats per minute while engaging in the activity. Cardiovascular workouts such as hula hooping not only help you lose weight but also keep you in overall good health.



Traditional Hula Hoops has many drawbacks. First, it is hard to keep the hola hoop on your midriff , it keep falling off. What even worst  is the materials use is too hard that could hurt your abdomen and back. The traditional hula hoop also come in 1 size it can be shared among your loved ones

Introducing,  Offord Smart Hula Hoop, We want to make the hula hoop for EVERYONE.

It come with adjustable knots  which is customizable to your waist size. It has 360 degrees of covered with shock-absorbing massage contacts which reduce impact during exercise. Toning and firming your midriff and bottom. Using Offord Smart Hula Hoop everyday can burn up to 800 calories per session, melting away excess fat and strengthening the inner core muscles of the trunk for improved posture and reduced risk of back problems. 

Burning Calories :

Burn up to 800 calories an hour with exercise hula hoop weighted! Your sweat session might sizzle more calories beyond you think. Throw on some music, and lead you to a healthier and happier you!

360 ° Massage:

The shock-absorbing massage contacts are in full contact with the muscles, massaging your waist muscles while inertial sliding. use slide rail to roll and massage your waist muscles to achieve the purpose of reducing fat. Ideal for exercise, fitness, weight loss, and entertainment.


Smart Hula Hoop - Focus on Your Waist :

This fitness gear trims your waistline without torturing your hips. Instead of energy-eating manual spinning, this has a centrifugal ball that only requires a little force to get the same (or even more) results. And the best thing is this hula hoop can be strapped so you won't get bruised during workouts.

Auto Spinning :

With its centrifugal ball's help, you can now do your daily hula hoop goals without exerting a ton of energy and time. The ball provides a bit of force to the hoop when spinning — giving you that "effortless" workout dream.

The hula hoop function is easy to disassemble and assemble and can be adjusted to fit your waistline.

Adjustable to your needs:

Offord Smart Hula Hoops is for everyone! It has an elastic tube underneath each hoop part . Which can change the size of the inner circumference of the hula hoop according to personal waist circumference.  

Light and Portable:

The hoop is made of high-quality environmentally friendly ABS materials, which is light and compact and easy to carry. You can also easily dismantle and store the equipment.

Instruction :


1 x  Offord Smart Hula Hoop

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