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iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protector is made with tempered glass that maintains perfect clarity while providing an incredible 9H level scratch protection, effectively preventing scratches from keys, sand and other hard objects. The ultra-thin glass also features an anti-glare and anti-fingerprint treatment, keeping your screen clean and easy to see in brightly lit environments.

  • Incredible 9H level scratch protection
  • Features curved 2.5D edge
  • Ultra-thin and tough
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Fingerprint resistant
  • Anti-glare treatment
  • Backwards compatible with iPhone XR


  • 9H rated tempered glass:

The ultra-tough tempered glass has been hardened to a 9H level, providing the highest level
scratch protection and effectively preventing scratches from sand, keys and other hard objects.

iClara Tempered Glass Screen Protector

  • Easy bubble-free installation:

Using the latest in seamless bonding technology, the glass forces out trapped air as it adheres to the phone for effortless bubble-free installation.

Easy bubble-free tempered glass installation

  • Beautiful clarity:

has an exceptional light transmittance level, delivering all the brightness, colour and detail you expect from your iPhone.

Installation instructions:

  • Step 1: Remove any grease or fingerprints using the included wet wipe, then dry your screen using the microfiber cloth. Any remaining fine particles of dust can be removed using the blue dust removal sheet.
  • Step 2: Taking care not to bend the glass, carefully peel back and remove the backing sheet from the screen protector.
  • Step 3: Carefully position the screen protector over your phone, making sure to align the camera and speaker cut outs.
  • Step 4: Slide your finger along the center of the screen to adhere the screen protector.
  • Step 5: Remove any bubbles by sweeping them out the edge of the screen using the microfiber cloth. If there is dust trapped underneath, carefully peel up the edge of the screen protector and use the dust removal stickers to remove the dust and then reapply.

Package includes:

3x Full Cover Protective glass

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